Who should I date?

I am really lost right now and need some help. I really like a guy I have been chatting online, we seem to have similar interest and looks in life, he said he will come and meet me in September. But then I have some doubts about him.
The second guy is a cute German guy that started working with me and he asked me for movie and dinner but I never dated younger guy and not sure if I would like to. Also he's only here for a working holiday so he will leave after 9 months. But he's the hottest out of the 3.
The third guy also a guy I work with, he's been asking me out for more than a year now, but I just feel he's not my type. But I feel really bad everytime I reject him.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Neither of them. You don't seem to really want to date any of them, if you did the choice would be easy.

    The online guy - you can't wait around for someone you haven't met and don't actually know if you're going to meet (he might change his mind).

    The german guy - No point. He will leave.

    The guy that doesn't give up - You're not interested and shouldn't force it. It's not fair on you or him.

    Stay single until you meet someone that you actually want to date (and that is worth dating). Don't date "just because". That's a waste of time, energy and feelings.


Most Helpful Guy

  • The point of dating is to figure out if you are compatible with the other person. Why not go out with all three? You're allowed to date around. A date is not a commitment.

    • Also, I said date. I didn't say sleep with. I mean, there's nothing wrong with that, I guess... but It's not what I meant.

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  • Do you really want the answer? Then on here isn't where you should be searching cause no one on here can tell you, love isn't from peoples opinions, its from your perspective and view and what comes from your heart, you follow what you believe and what you think your best choice would be


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