True love after heartbreak?

Had my first heartbreak. I was honest, loyal, polite and vulnerable. We stopped talking without a fight. Treated me like I have never existed. Got a much older woman pregnant right after we broke up, then I realized he was dating her all along. Still had the gut to contact me every now and then. I just wished him luck and removed him out of my life completely. Saw the photos of them together my heart just sank.
Will this pain and shame get better? Did you find true love that make your heartbreak all worth it?


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  • I believe we must go through heartbreak to actually know what true love is. It is a painful and devastating feeling that I wish didn't happen. But it often does. What helped me was to not seek them out, or view photos, or show up where they may be. It helps to heal faster if you totally remove all reminders from your daily life. You cannot turn off your brain or emotions but you can choose what reminders of them you have. Let yourself hurt, and cry or do whatever you need to. Nothing you feel is invalid or shameful or pathetic. Rejection hurts. Even mutual break ups hurt. He was not a good man cheating. He never truly cared about you if he acts like you never existed. Its ok to want someone out of your life completely after ypu break up with them. It is not okay to do this in a harmful or damaging to them way. Im so very sorry you are going through this. He was not the man for you. Be as sad as you want, but dont forget to remind yourself that you found out about his cheating. Imagine how terrible you would feel if this happened after you married him or years down the raod! Sometimes I have to be thankful for pain, if it allows me to move forward and vetter my life. You will never know what worse pain, your first pain has saved you from.

    • Thank you. You’re very thoughtful and kind.

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    • I really appreciate it. Your answer helps a lot. He contacted me while his girlfriend was pregnant that was how I found out. You’re right. It hurts but it did save me from a lot worse.

    • Give yiurself all the time you need to grieve the betrayal and loss. But be good to yourself! He wasn't the one for you, but somone out there is. Im sorry your hurting. I know how it feels. I got over a severe heartbreak and what I wish I had done was to erase his memory from my life in everyway that was in my power. I got better and got over him when I stopped tlking to him, stopped hanging out with mutual friends, blocked him on social media, and deleted any phitos or texts, voicemails, and reminders out of my phone. I threw away his shirt and a few gifts I had kept after asking him if he wanted them back. Once I did all that the pain became significantly better in a matter of days. When my mind started to find its way to him, I tried to turn my thoughts to something I had to look forward to without him. Like a vacation, a movie I wanted to see, a hobby etc.

  • I haven't yet but the pain always eases


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