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So recently I’ve been talking to this guy that I work with, we actually ended up sleeping together this past weekend. It feels like we have this deep emotional connection and he’s told me things that he’s never told anyone and I’ve told him things I’ve never told anyone in return. I just found out yesterday that two months ago one of my other coworkers sucked his dick, and that a week before he slept with me for the first time he went on a road trip with his ex, I’m assuming they hooked up. Now I know we’re not dating, and I know I shouldn’t have given it up this quickly, got wrapped up in the heat of the moment is all. I’m obviously into him and I believe he’s into me at least a little bit, I spoke with his best friend who said if anyone would change him for the better it would be me. Guys, what’s your take on this? Should I be mad about his past experiences before me, or is that all they were— past experiences before me?
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  • Just chill, see where things take you, just try not to get too attached.
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  • I think you should just observe and go on with this, and see what it turns out into, but i wouldn´t advise you to become too attached, because from what you did describe it seems that he is a little bit too volatile to be completely trusted at this point, and if his own friend said you are the person who could change him for better it means that his friend aknowledge that he isn´t particularly a guy that could be bllindly trusted in a relationship, so be careful to not have your heart broken, because he for sure sounds like he was a player.

    • My thoughts exactly. I just wasn’t sure if I should be angry or not. Everyone I’ve told is telling me to be mad and hurt about this but I didn’t really see any reason to. To be fair, he’s not the only guy I’m talking to either. He’s the only one I’m sleeping with though is the thing. Don’t wanna catch anything 😬

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  • I don't think you can ever judge someone's past sexual relations. It's in the past, you should be thinking of the present & future in my opinion.

    • I’m just concerned about catching something. Like who’s to say that he wouldn’t sleep with someone else this week before we hang out this weekend?

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    • I think that's a good idea! Try be prepared yourself and hopefully it goes the way you want haha.

      Good luck!

    • Thanks dude! We shall see 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

  • Do what u want objectively he has don't nothing wrong

    • See that’s what I’ve been thinking as well. Like technically we aren’t dating and NOWHERE near exclusive even though that would be something I’m down for

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    • True. I’m sure it’ll come up sooner or later 🙊

    • Hopefully 👌🏽

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