Stringing me along, or just unaware?

I have had a few questions in my mind following what happened when I was still in school. Context: The girl that I wanted to go out with had friends that had their own agenda, and it was clear that even afterwards, she still liked me. However, she may have been involved in their plan to make me jealous. To what extent, I don't know. It's a problem that I cannot figure out. So: 1. Why would girls say that the girl you like is going out with someone else, when it's completely counterintuitive and would instead push the other person away? If I didn't suggest meeting them to talk to the girl I liked, then their plan would have fallen through.
2. When I agreed to go and meet up with the girl I liked, it was clear that it was me who was messaging them, so why did she tell me that she didn't like me in that way when she knew her crush liked her? Why would you need further proof of if they like you when your crush wanted to talk? Her friend that invited me lied about having done so.
3. The girl who was friends with the girl I liked tried to catch me out and get me to admit that I was messaging her and the girl I liked. Afterwards, she was annoyed that I didn't admit to it and told me that "that's not fair". Why would she say that?
4. The girl who spread the messages around the school became worried as the girl I liked had seen the messages and probably wanted to know if it was me. She was anxious to know if it was me who had sent the messages. Afterwards, they argued quite a lot and the girl I liked and the girl who spread the messages were no longer friends. Would you have remained friends with them, even if you knew the plan had completely failed?
5. If you liked someone, would you go along with the plan of telling them that you didn't like them, and waiting for your friend to force them to admit that they like you?

If it's confusing, (it is for me), then I can clarify on certain points. I don't know if she agreed to a plan or if she genuinely had no idea.


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  • Stinging you along

    • What makes you think that?

    • If she was serious don’t you think she would had talked to you to apologise for her friends behaviour

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