Ladies, Would you date a man that is mentally handicapped?

I am mildly mentally handicapped meaning that I learn a little slower than normal people and I am not as good as normal people with my spelling and grammar although I can do most things just like everyone else. I do have a job where I work about 16 hr. a day (112 hr. per week) with my stepdad painting on most days for free in exchange for living with my parents and pay $400 rent at my parents although in a few months I hope you be building my own off-the-grid log cabin. I just want to know if anyone would date me are if everyone is just going to give me the same rejection.

"YOU WILL FINE SOMEONE." I have hard that same rejection ever since my last girlfriend when I was 16 that was Amanda and she sleep with my best friend at the time.Ladies, Would you date a man that is mentally handicapped?


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  • Of course, there will be many girls who would love to date you! You just need to find her :)

    • How come every lady I ever meet always rejects me with that world famous reject line "You will fine someone."?

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    • Thanks for helping me understand this. As soon as GAG let's me you will get MHO.

    • Thank you very much :)

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