Why is my boyfriend's text message inbox empty?

My boyfriend has one female friend that I am uncomfortable with. He tells me that she flirts with many other people even though she has a boyfriend, except for him, because supposedly he "makes it very clear to her that he's not interested." I try really hard to be OK with her for his sake but he only makes it really hard on me.

A while back he got a message lat at night & he told me it was his guy friend texting him. So I said, "Oh, OK. Well you ought to hang out with him some time!" As he hadn't seen him in a while. Well, the next day I went to his house and while he was away from his phone I looked and saw that it was his female friend that had texted him instead. I asked him about the supposed conversation he had with his guy friend and he continued to lie to me about it, as if it had actually happened. When I got angry with him about he he said "Well think I should be as clever as you and delete my messages when I get them next time." And ever since if I happened to glance over his shoulder, I've noticed his inbox/outbox is completely empty. Is this a cause for concern of should I let it go? Normally I'm not that controlling/paranoid but I can't help it now that I've caught him lying to me.. :(


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  • he only lied because he didn't want to hear your bitching, just like he deletes his messages

    • Yeah that's the thing, more often than not I keep my mouth shut so as to avoid arguments like that. and to be honest he complains about me a lot too so I think it's only fair that I get a say so too

    • Either be OK with the friend or not, don't spy on him and complain whenever he talks to her. you have to resolve that issue.

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  • he is hiding something from you or he isn't open to tell you about things, you should talk to him about it.

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