When a boyfriend lets you down on a date to help an ex's sister?

My boyfriend of 9months now;
had agreed and arranged to take me out for a lovely date for one day over the weekend.

Then when it had came to that day, i had heard nothing from him until the afternoon & many texts from me sent to him in the first place.

Only to tell me that he's gotta cancel on me at last minute as he's been called into work to do some over time.

There was nothing i could do or say but just had to accept it. I didn't want to come across as a moody lass, so i played it cool.

Days later, he'd forgotten what excuse he had told me for the weekend in why he couldn't make it around, only for him to turn and say his apologies for letting me down at last minute but that he had to help his child's auntie out with a move of her home from one place to another... then chilled in the evening with a few beers and a good laugh with everyone.

On that day, he only had bothered to message me the once, and that was in the mid of the day,
I then didn't hear from himself for just over 24hrs after that only text i had got.

What does this say about where i stand in his eyes regardling the relationship?
Because not only am i blinded by love for him, but im feeling dazzled and frazzled by it all.

Please, could really do with your advice xxx


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  • My opinion based on what you said is that he doesn't value his relationship with you very much. He apparently didn't care enough about seeing you to say no to whatever other opportunity he had. Then after he decided to skip your date, he apparently didn't respect you enough to let you know that or respond to any of your texts in the earlier part of the day. He apparently isn't honest with you since he gave two very different explanations for why he didn't meet you as he had promised.

    So, now it appears to me that he's not honest with you, doesn't respect you, doesn't care enough about you to make you top priority and that you can't trust him when he promises to do something with you.

    I think that honesty, trust, respect and good communication are all very important in a relationship. Since you don't seem to have any of those, I'm not at all optimistic about the future of that relationship.

    What I think I'd do in your situation is have a discussion with him about all of those things and how badly you think he handled that day. Since you seem to really like him, I'd give him another chance but if you see more signs in the future of lack of honesty, respect, caring about you, and communication then I think you should dump him and go find a guy who will give you all those things.


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  • He sounds overworked and overbooked to be honest. I don't see why he doesn't text you more but honestly it sounds like the dude needs a day off to decompress from the extroversion.

    It does also seem like you're hunting and picking for an issue with him when id advise just working with him and his schedule to the best you can.

  • he's a good bf!


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