She wants him to focus only on her so she would stay, he wants her to promise to stay before losing other girls, who's turn should it be first?

The girl wants the guy to lose the other chicks he's going after before she's willing to actually be with him and stay.

The guy wants the girl to prove she's gonna stay with him before he's willing to let go of the other girls he's going after.

Who's right/wrong?
Who should give up, stop being so stubborn and go for it?
  • The guy should give up the other girls first
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  • The girl should prove she's serious about staying with him first
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  • If you want the relationship to be exclusive both people need to make the commitment. It's not a one way road.

    • He thinks I need to fight for him, steal him from another girl to "prove" myself. I told him that's ridiculous and I'm not gonna do it. He needs to choose me too.

    • Yeah both people need to make it clear they're putting in the effort. One person expecting more from the other is just wrong.

  • what?


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