Girls, Why would a shy/quiet girl act this way?

3months ago i notuced a vibe from a girl but she was shy and git healoys because i talk to other girls. So i ibtroduce myself. It was clear she introverted and shy so i started to regularly sit with her i notuce a lot of sigbs of ibterest and shyness and she always talk about me to her friends all the time. But due to hot and cold behaviour stopped having lunch and stopped talking which made her upset because she was expecting me to talk. I later found out she is in a unhappy relationship I dis appeared for 5 weeks. When I return she looked heartbroken broken and kept staring at the ground. And getting sensitive if i look at her. We was at a vending machine and she was making a hot drink, I was looking at her and she tried to stop/hide her smile. She saw out of the corner of her eyes that I started smiling and couldn't stop. Then she slowly locked eyes with me and we was just staring with a huge smile on our faces. But neither of us spoke to each other?


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  • She probably likes you

    • Cool , I might ask her out then. That is if I see her on her own lol

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    • Thanks , to be fair I am 100% certain she will split as they are both going different paths in life. This is why I am having this situation with taken woman. She is unhappy with him and wants to split up but has got the nerves to just yet until someone better comes along.

      I will try to get her number. Like you say to not be aggressive. It's just hard because she hardelly on her own. Unless in the morning sometimes. Soo, I dint approach around her friend anymore. Also hard to not hurt her. The simplistic of things like saying hi to someone else and not her

    • Okay! I hope it works out!

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