Should I text him or wait for him to come to me? (Haven't talked in over 2 weeks)

So a guy I know that lives interstate use to talk me or id text him every few days but I haven't heard from him since 3 Wednesdays ago. should I wait for him to come to me?

I know it sounds stupid but it just feels like we play these games to see who texts first and its annoying me cause I really miss him. But I don't want to seem stupid if he's becoming more distant now..:( ARGH!


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  • I've been dealing with the exact same thing myself...playing the "who's going to text first" game, checking my phone all the time, counting how long it's been since he text me last, and we started off texting all the time too. What I finally realized is that he made me happy and I was happier when I talked to him, so when I wanted to talk to him, I'd text him myself. Of course we don't talk every day and he'll text me every so often but playing the games just didn't work with me.

    It's frustrating to always have to be wondering what he's thinking or why he's not texting. But the thing is, he probably is just busy sometimes with other things and has other stuff on his mind. I'd say call or text him when you really want to talk to him and just feel him out. If he seems like he wants to talk to you when you text him and keeps the conversation going, then he probably likes it when you text him, but might just be waiting to see how you feel about him. Good Luck!