Which one should I choose??

Hey guys,

I'm caught between two minds about which girl I should pursue. One girl I was dating for around three months before I had to move away to a different city for work. We have that instant spark but I am so busy it's very hard to get the opportunity to see each other.

On the other hand their is another girl who lives locally who I also quite like. We get on amazingly and I have kissed her a couple of times which was nice but not electric. She's very sweet and I know she really likes me. The other one, I'm not so sure but I know when we see each other she def still likes me.

Should I date the local girl and see if something develops? As I said I think she is very sweet and maybe over time I could feel something more for her. Or should I try and go for the girl who lives further away? Their is definately more attraction and if they both lived in the same city their would be no contest but the LDR issue combined with my busy work schedule means their is a good chance it won't work. I'm so confused the other side of me is telling me to leave it all alone and just concentrate on work for now. Oh and the other thing is they both know each other so I def don't want to lead either one along. What would other people do if in this situation?


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  • date them both and see which is a better fit for you. you're allowed to date more than one person. that's what dating is about. seeing other people unti you find the one


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  • I sort of agree with bobair.

    But if you feel more for the long distance girl then you can force yourself to like the local girl but then it wouldn't be genuine. You could date the local and see if you are more interested in her than the other girl. If not, then you'll know your answer.


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  • My opinion? Long Distance doesn't work unless you've already made a long-term connection. It really only sounds like she's on your list because she's more of a chase... she's more uncertain in your mind and there's a gambler's-high making you think the pay off might be better to chase the gamble. This is a fools choice.

    So date the local.

    And realize that "dating" is just that. Dating. It's not marriage. It's not a long term commitment that you can never escape. You can see other people until you both agree not to.

    Just take it easy so that you can really take your time in getting to know and like this local girl. She might end up being awesome or she might end up being awful. Time will tell.

    Good luck!

    ~ Robby

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