Do you guys think he has told his family about me yet?

Me and this guy has made it official few days ago after dating about a month
Last week he told me that he booked a ticket to go skydiving the weekend after (which is this weekend)
Then today we were talking on the phone:
Him - babe what u doing on this saturday?
Me - not sure, i think my friend wants me to help her move
Him - oh ok, how about sunday?
Me - i dont know.. but aren't you skydiving?
Him - yeah i am? I was going to invite you to come but im not sure if you want to since my mum and stepdad are coming as well

Does this mean he might have already told his parents about me?
Not sure if i should go since its abit too early
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  • Possibly, some people like me like to make sure it's worth the fuss of telling parents when i told my parents about my current boyfriend (of 3 years now) it was when I knew he was for the longer run and I wanted them to meet him. Maybe thats his way of asking if you want to meet his parents. I say you just ask him.

  • Yes he has , it would be kinda rude if you just pop up without them knowing. He wants you to meet them and that would be the perfect Timing.


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