Why do I feel like such an idiot?

Well there is this girl who I really like. Even though I went against my gut feeling and the obvious signs I still decided to go after her. No matter what happened, I would still want to go back to this girl. She would talk to me any kind of which way, I would suspect she was with other guys, and still kiss her and go further (she was the first one I ever did it with). The other night I really got an eye opener, I was kissing her and for some reason it seemed like she was with another guy (there was a faint smell of sex). She would always act weird, like went we would get dressed she would always want the lights off, or when we would undress the same thing. She would need to use the bathroom for something simple as to get paper towel and closed the door. Then it sounded like she was checking for something (I am guessing like if she was someone else and he busted and she was checking to see if it was coming out). It sounds weird, but I just get bad vibes, yet I still go into it like a deer in the head lights. This is due to me still liking her, but I know at the end of the day she isn't good for me. Then knowing that and the end of the day we are both technically single, and for right now I am trying to get over her. I am trying to get over her and get out of this particular situation, and I am surprised she doesn't just go her way since she is with another guy. While sitting here writing this though I feel like a total idiot/fool, because she is probably laughing at me and making me the butt of jokes with her other guy and friends. I need some advice.
I need some advice on how to move on and not necessarily feel like a tool, for being played.


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  • I agree with @yousir this day and age with hookup culture, everything is fair game until someone calls out exclusive. Have you spoken with her about it? Not sure if her age, but what's there for her to hide beyond the fact that she doesn't necessarily owe you an explanation.
    Anyway, what's got you so attracted to her? Because maybe it's too fresh and new that her faults or quirks haven't had time to catch up for you to not like her. Yunno, when ugly rares it's head, it's ugly... Most people when dating or when they're fresh back into the game, they have a streak. You go through your streak and narrow down the keepers. Maybe you oughta just get your game on and check out a couple other date options. This may help you gain some perspective on this gal.


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  • Here is how it works man: if you haven't asked her to be exclusive then you don't have any say on what she does with anyone else. Either nail down your relationship or just enjoy it. You can't be jealous over what is not yours to begin with.


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  • The best thing to do is to cut off communication with her. Delete her number, etc. I know it's hard because you like her, but it sounds like you will just have more heartbreak down the road if you keep seeing her.

    Maybe try a new hobby or spend more times with friends and meet new people. Stay busy. I am sure another girl will come along soon enough.

  • What is the advice you are asking for? The girl is the problem she doesn't choose who to keep. It seems like she doesn't care for your feelings. You shouldn't go back unless the girl makes up her mind

    • I need some advice on how to move on and not necessarily feel like a tool, for being played. I updated the question. Thanks by the way.

    • Its gonna be rough but you'll get over her. Just try to get distraction from movies series games etc. Dont try to contact her. Make a list of bad things about her. Write down your feelings. Things like that

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