Was it reasonable or cold for me to end this?

I met a guy online, he didn't have a job, car or phone so we would just chat for months and got close. I finally planned to visit him and he managed to get a job, car and phone right before i visited him. We saw each other on a few other weekends. He was always late, and we didn't really go out besides the occasional food trip when we'd be on weekend "dates" but i figured it was just a money issue.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. He planned to visit me for a week. He got laid off the day he planned to drive to me. It takes 19 hrs and i told him I'd get him a plane instead since it was dangerous but he wanted to drive with his dog. I told him to rest and that i could get him a hotel along the way but he refused and continued to take energy drinks. He fell asleep and crashed into a car and totalled his. I picked him up but his dog was taken by the pound. I lent him my car while i was at work so he could find his dog (but the police had her) while i worked. By now he had owed me 4k on a credit card i got him to help him and it kept going up. When i got home every day i was irritated because he smoked so much it got everywhere and was super messy and i kept cooking and cleaning and trying to keep everything "normal"/together. I told him i wanted to break up with him and that I'd get him a ticket home. He later overdosed on sleeping pills, had a seizure, went into two days of drug or stress induced psychosis where i took care of him because he ripped his IVs out at the hospital and refused to stay. I tried to get him on 3 different planes to go back home when his psychosis appeared gone (he doesn't remember those days/episodes/hallucinations/delusions). He got kicked off the first flight for saying "if we get there" (bomb threat), kicked off the second because he was too drunk (despite me pouring beers he was trying to drink down the drain) and the third he left the check in line for a smoke and i couldn't check in for him.

Is cold that i broke up with him?


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  • Lmao praise the Lord you got him out of your life. Wash your hands of that bad memory. What a nightmare


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