Need an opinion women, what is she trying to say?

So am on a dating app, been talking to this girl and she responds: "wanted to apologise for not replying cause I didn't want you thinking I'm a bad person! Just not sure about this *insert dating app name* thing and I'm not even sure what I want out of it 😆. Anyway I just wondered do you go to *insert local town* and know local comic book store?"

She then proceeds to say she was thinking of going with her friends?

Am I missing a point here?


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  • I think she is insecure. She likes you but doesn't want to say it out loud in case you don't like her back. Maybe she wants you to ask her if you wanna meet up at that comic book store?

    • Hmm, I dunno the first bit came off as she wasn't interested etc which is fair enough. But it definitely threw me/mixed messages when the "Anyway I was wondering"

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  • Woman tend to be balls of confusion. She doesn't even know what she wants. So it's safe to say it's up in the air. I would go if you have the time. You might make a friend at the least.

    • You hit the nail on the head there! It's like some have said she's interested or likes me etc, then why not just say it? I may do, but I've got other plans that day as well. True, thanks for the advice!

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  • She wants you to come along with her friends. If anyone is unsure about a person, they always bring along a group of friends in case things turn sour, like if you try to attack or rape her. I'm not saying you will but put yourself in her shoes and think of meeting a random guy who you have never met in real life.

    • Interesting... she hasn't outright asked or anything. Yeah that's understandable in this day and age to be fair.

  • # desperate
    The guy she liked did not work out so she is going with you.

    • Haha nothing's even planned, but to be honest that theory doesn't surprise me/is highly likely

  • I personally need to know what happened next.

    • Not much, replied and no response.

    • What did you reply?

    • Just said sounds cool, talking about new shop opening up and comics

  • Obviously


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