Asking her out on Facebook?

Is it ok to ask a girl out on Facebook? I’ve talked to her in person and said hi when I’ve had class and all that and was pretty sure she liked me. This semester I just never see her and have been crushing on her since I saw her and know we’d be perfect for each other. I’m just about to graduate and know she has one more year and even though I’ll occasionally be at my college I won’t as many opportunities to see her and know I can’t miss my chance to not get to know her because I just know we would be perfect for each other if you understand.

I already asked a question about this and just wanted to write it in a shorter form in case my first time asking about it wasn’t clear. So basically would it be weird to message her on Facebook and tell her how I feel/ask her if I could take her on a date sometime or would that be something that would potentially make a girl say no even if she would say yes in person? I’m just really confused and aggravated I can’t ever seem to run into her when I’m on campus because I use to all the time and I’m not sure what I should do and don’t want to scare her off or make her think I’m weird if I do the Facebook thing.


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  • I think it's okay it doesn't have to be face to face

    • Ok thanks. I just felt like it could be something that might make a girl say no or think it’s just weird and be like no and think I should ask in person but I don’t see her so I just haven’t had the chance really

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