I think I have become a crazy and paranoid girlfriend. What should I do?

This may be a silly question, but I am seriously having anxiety because of it.

My boyfriend of 8 months has been distant lately, as he is currently preparing for the MCAT -- a very big deal to him. He does not call/text me every day like he used to anymore, and lately it's always been me who is doing the contacting. 2 days ago, I have decided not to contact him anymore, and to let him to initiate contact. He never did.

He has met a lot of pretty girls at school, and I have seen that they have recently followed him on Instagram (which he would later followed back). I got anxious one night, because I saw him following back this pretty girl who followed him first "15 minutes ago" (Instagram shows your last activity time stamp).

I was hurt, because I felt like he would rather check his Instagram during his free time than give me even just a brief phone call. I got anxious, and started wondering if he has already forgotten about me. I hate initiating contact all the time, but I feel like he does not love me anymore, that's why he does not call/text me.

Am I being paranoid or not? What should I do about this situation? Please help.


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