Québécois vs French accent? which is sexier?

I don’t wanna sound biased but I will anyways 😂 i was born Montréal, my father still lives Montreal, but I lived in other parts of (English) Canada and now the US. I have a very strange French accent (I’m a native speaker) but my accent sounds like a weird quebecois/French hybrid. Like for example when I’m saying “BIEN” (good) it sounds like how someone would say it in France (BE-AUN). But then I say Quebecer shit like “criss de tabarnak” “câlise “ “chu” “pi” instead of PUIS, and i link my words together 😂 “de kessé tu parles” and i use “TU” too frequently 😂 so which is sexier? Québ or French? I wish I fully had the Québ accent, but France French comes out more naturally for me.


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  • I must admit that it's sometimes really hard to follow a quebecois speaking, mostly when they mix french with English.
    So I'd totally go for pure french.

    • Well I sorta have the pure French thing going so I guess I have an advantage. I need to remind you though, that the French speak French so fast

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  • Pure french... but it's personal preference. I know some french say des quebs have farmer accents

    • LMAOOOOO it does sound like the French version of a southern American accent

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    • are u a kiwi?

    • yes :) are you?

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