Girls would you rather a guy try to get to know you some and join in with your friends a bit before asking you out, or should he just jump in and ask?

I want to ask out this new popular shy girl. I know her friends and her some. We have no problem hanging out together.
I want to ask her out but I also want her to be a bit more open and relaxed with me. I have known her a year and I still can't get a read on her. She is relaxed one day and with drawn the next with me.


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  • Once she'll get relaxed with you, you'll be in the friend zone. Ask her out now, don't lose the moment

    • Maybe but don't girls like being friends and knowing a guy some before being asked out?
      Though your probably right. In two weeks we have a concert that we are all going to and we are spending 3 days in the same house. So I'd rather wait till after so she won't be awkward and nervous there if she says no.

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    • i didn't even date with the other one.. we were only friends.. and he also was studying far away. I always attracted boys living far away (i am from a country with high level of emigration), but at the end I found love with another one, with whom i chatted on fb 5 days, and started dating from the first day we met live. Still together after more than 3 years.
      Well, you know better your situation. You got my point, that waiting can be bad, so i wish you good luck with her!

    • Thanks for your advice and your story. As much as I want to push and ask her out. Rushing it can also do more good than harm. I think I'll ask her friends before our trip and let them talk about it. After I'll ask her out and hopefully she will want to go out and her friends will have encouraged her.

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