If you are in a relationship with no affection and the guy doesn't make a move what do you do?

I told him that this made me feel bad and still there is no holding hands or kisses there are just short one armed hugs and he promised he would change that a week ago. We have been together 3 weeks and this is how it has always been and he didn't want to hold hands with me
  • Make the move (explain how please if you can)
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  • Wait for the guy to make the move
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  • I'm assuming you are around 14-15 (says under 18)? If so or younger, the guy's probably just shy so whether you want to wait for him or not as long as you communicate itll be fine

    • He is 18 and i am 16. and will it be ok if i grab his hand?

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    • Sounds like its a case of either waiting or you initiating things like holding hands, and it sounds like it's no one's fault you're both just shy

    • Ok thank you

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