Girls, Asking a shy girl out to the movies ( I work at the movies ) and yes I will see Deadpool 2 this weekend?

I am 16 years old and I'm 9 months older than her and I work at a movie theater so I can see movies about a week before they come out all alone 50% of everything is off for me as well and I am crazy about her. I will see her stare at me all the time or her touching me by the waist or sometimes cheering for me, and she is a geek like me and I was going to ask her to see Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom so we can see it alone early. As a shy girl would you like this and would want to go and any pointers?

1. her friends can also come for free as well so should I tell her that or do you think she will just talk to her friends and not me

2. if she says no does that mean that she does not like me or is just so shy like at the end of class when I'm waiting on her she will talk to someone else but once I ask somebody something she runs out of class. So she still shows signs of liking me or is going to the movies alone a lot to handle

3. Do you think I should tell my friends/co-workers to tease us for her to get it a little bit more and to make her feel better because she gets to see movies weeks earlier before her friends

4. Do you think she will brag to her friends and she will maybe talk to me more because of this

5. Since we can go early we can talk before the movie starts.

P. S

I don't want to ask her to Deadpool 2 because I feel like her parents will say no just guessing?
6. should I give her a quick kiss on the cheek


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  • Yeah ask her and u can tell her about her friends being able to come and have them tease u I guess and yeah she will tell her friends


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