Would you rather some one join your small click a bit and get to know you or just ask you out?

I'm working on getting to know this shy girl. I know her friends but I'm not in their click. I hang out with them and her some while getting to know her.
Our group is going on a trip in 3 weeks should I try asking her out before or after?
  • Get to know them some then ask them out
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  • Just jump in both feet soon after meeting and ask them out
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  • Ask her out before the trip
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  • Ask her out after and get to know her some more on it
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  • If you're feeling daring, ask her out now, the sooner the better. If you wait until just before your trio to do it and she says no then it'll screw things up
    If you want to play it safe wait until after the trip so you can enjoy it unhindered by drama and emotions and stuff


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