Genuine guy? Or does he deserve better than me?

My boyfriend and I haven't seen each other for over 3 weekends. He's a farmer and he works FULL time on third shift. He is a hard worker. I really miss him... and I started to cry a lot lately cause my heart hurts from missing him. He treats me so good when we are out. He pays for me for whatever we do, holds the door open often, listens to me (at least I think he is), asks me random questions. Makes good eye contact, hasn't pressured me into sex or sending nudes. He sends me "have a good day at work sweetie" or "have a good rest of your day" but lately I am thinking he deserves someone who lives closer to him and have been contemplating he deserves better which makes me have the thoughts that he needs to leave me or vice versa. He told me a few days ago "I wished we lived closer" with a sad face. HE IS SHY fella. But I kinda want someone who will be there.. I know it sounds needy but I need to see him.. I miss him so much. It even took us 2 months to even kiss!! He asked me if it was okay. I thought since the summer came we would see more of each other but I am starting to think that's not the deal. He just is to sweet to let go, and I know he's the minority that's out there. We live an hour away and we both commute and take turn each week driving down. But once every week doesn't get the job done for me. Should I tell him he deserves better? Or just wait it out? We've been dating for 4 months, he makes me happy whenever we hang out and are around each other.


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  • Him saying he wishes you both lived closer doesn't mean he wants someone close by. It means he wants YOU and him to live closer. Long distance relationships can be hard and sounds like you are both very happy together, you just miss him a lot and that can trigger emotional feelings as you want to see him so badly. My honest opinion would be to talk to him about how you feel. I hope you work things out.

    • I told him we rarely see each other, and he said he knew and that it's just a busy time with him planting crops and such. one time he got no sleep after work cause he helped out on the farm

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