Is it a bad thing to marry single Mom? if not why people treat you like shit. her old friends and relatives?

My fiancés friends and family treat me like shit. In fact her ex was a violent and horrible person who he tested her like a Slave. I treat her like the most important person God ever made.

But she treated me no that good until she moved on. Now she is good but people around her treat me like as if I'm some kind of fucked up shit. Which I'm not I'm never use drugs I don't drink I never was married and I am trying to be help for all around me.

Is it bad to marry a single Mom?


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  • Simple as that...

    She choose that guy... it was her choice to go and date or marry that guy.

    Percentage she contribute can be different but usually she did it with full consent.

    • But also we should not treat her like shit, but like a normal woman, maybe one who hqve no dignity if she chooses to date badboys and got shot down.

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    • Yea maybe... but sometime it is completely the fault of the girls.

      So yea

    • Agreed if men don't screw up women won't leave em. But there are bad girls too which the one I'm talking about is not bad at all.

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