As a black African, I really envy to have a white girlfriend ever since my teender age so please advise me how it's possible to find one?


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  • Just like any other girl on earth. Skin color shouldn't be a problem. If they care about that it's their loss.

    • I like your encouragement but as me this has been one of my plans so that's why am asking a tactical methodology to be used

    • Dude, do you care about her being white? I mean, ok. That is actually just a side question.

      And how to find one? Like I said, like any other. Try to get to know her and if she doesn't want to then not. Maybe I'm stupid, but I don't know what you mean.

    • Well the truth is I would love to care for a white lady so much and yes as you said it's all about discovering who matches with me and her willingness to move on and if she says no I have to step a head.

  • Just get to know us.

    • How can I get to you mllecake

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    • Not really it's out of someone's heart to accept and say what she feels is right for her am glad you came forward and to tell you the truth am at your back

    • Am ready😍😍😍

  • If you're attractive you can find many

    • I have always looked so attractive update but I got no chance yet?

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