How do I control my jelousy?

I am in a relationship of two years. And we have a really good relationship but one thing I do find that gets in the way sometimes is the fact I get jealous. I know it's okay that my partner is attracted to other females because I am attracted to other males. But everytime I know he is attracted to a certain female I get triggered and annoyed at the fact he does because I feel that they are better than me and that's what he likes. If I talk to him about it he will tell me that even though he find other females attractive, I'm still better looking otherwise why would he be with me and i shouldn't worry about it because 1. I'm attracted to other guys, 2. He is with me not them and 3. He doesn't flirt or do anything with them even though he may think they look nice. I really want to learn to control my jealousy and so in the future if I see he is attracted to someone I don't get triggered I can stay totally calm about it. He handles it so well when it comes to me being attracted to other guys and he says because he's knows I'm with him and not them that's why he doesn't get jealous.


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  • By stop comparing yourself to others and understanding that what he says is true no reason to be jealous if u trust him


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  • Sometimes you should ignore & sometimes you can directly ask to your partner... who is she or what's going on with her or something else according to situations... ...
    According to my opinion

    • yeah i have had a talk with my partner and things are going okay i am slowly being able to control it now... thanks though!

    • Good luck for future relationship

  • This vid helped me, watched two years ago, barely jelly anymore xD

  • 1. you get him to share with you the details of his attraction and then openly compete with these in a fun way, e. g. she has lips that appear to give sensual BJs, you suggest you can do better and then do
    2. you know as well as us that the strongest ties against straying are given knots that hold by the other party (BF) not us, so long as you avoid turn-off characteristics like jealousy, you own this one for life
    3. whenever a gal begins to move in on him like a snake charmer, simply hug him, stare directly into her eyes, say "he's taken" = means the World to him and VERY contrary to what jealousy would suggest you to do and drive him away

  • Oh wow
    Sounds uncontrollable

    • update though: we had a good talk about it and im on the verge of letting go and stop worrying about other people

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    • Oh
      It’s you
      Whoops 😂
      Well at least I left an impression

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