Dating-app useres?

Do you thing woman turn down a man to fast when he tries to start a convo with her? Woman what are your thoughts about mans in this topic?
Please share you stories.

P. s. for those who dont know. Man need to cash to see their visitors on Lovoo or wait for 2 days (or download a other app) to get enought points to see who visited their profils. And 1 Icebraker rarly is a chance since lovoo is often trolling you
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  • From what I understand, women get flooded with messages compared to men on dating apps. It is unrealistic they are going to respond to every single one.

    • Well but why to they writte down "just writte me" if they are not going to replie

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    • But to me it seems disrespectful to not replie. Dont you agree?

    • No it's not disrespectful. No one signs a contract obligating them to respond. No one owes you anything.

  • Who would date an endogenous hermaphrodite lol


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