How do I get my guy back?

I got in an argument with the guy I've been seeing the past 8 months.. We don't see each other as much as I would like..weve only hung out 4/5 times since we met started talking. We usually talk on the phone everyday & text. I don't mind moving slow but the fact that we don't see each other much bothers me. Well a few days ago he went out with the guys & hung out all night. I don't care if he hangs with the guys..but the fact that I haven't seen him in a month...struck a nerve & I kind of went off & told him I deserve better, etc! He got a little mad & said fine you do you & he's gonna do him & he don't care anymore. Well when I get my feelings hurt..i don't cry...i get really angry! So I responded with "F*** you then!" This was all in text. He didn't respond which means I really made him angry. It's been 3 days & neither of us has text each other. We are both prideful, stubborn people. I just wanted him to know I'm not about playing games or waiting around. But at the same time I have cooled off & feel I was out of hand. Should I contact him or just leave him be until he comes around?


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  • Just leave him period. If doesn't care enough to hang out with you after a month, and then decides a text message breakup is sufficient then he is not worth any time or trouble. You had a right to get angry, if you were "seeing" each other then 4/5 times in 8 months is ridiculous, completely ridiculous. Their is taking it slow and then their is taking it in reverse! I would say move on to somebody that will clearly treat you better and at least be willing to invest some time into the relationship.

    • You have some good points..Thanx for the input! =)

  • Definitely let him come around. Give it a little time to think about his decision as well. Its better to let him really think this out instead of make a quick rushed decisive decision based on how he feels and right now that may not be too good since the argument. Give it time he'll definitely should come around.

    • Thanx def appreciate the advice!!

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