My crush probably thinks I’m creepy and ignores me. What should I do?

So this guy, my crush is a super cute really nice guy

I haven’t had a crush in over a few years and then when I have this crush, I basically go head over heels.
However the first day I had it was a Friday so I waited all weekend to see him again.
On Monday, he wasn’t there but on Tuesday he was. I was so happy to see him, I said hi to him etc.
We had three classes together that day, and in those classes I started staring at him a lot. He mostly returned the stares but soon he didn’t. I kept glancing at him.
When he walkes out of the room, he passes me and have me a stare like why are you still looking at me..
The next day he ignored me and I saw him purposely hiding behind his friend.
I told my mom and she said to be hard to get and act like I don’t care but I’m hit sure that’ll work.
Any suggestions? Please only ligit answers..


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  • guys are mean. :( I say just stay away from me so he doesn't have the opportunity to make you look like a creep. Then maybe he will be more interested in you when he sees that you are not into him anymore :)


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  • If you both are playing hard to get. No one is going to get the other one.

  • You are creepy. Quit staring at the guy.


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