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So.. I know this guy from a summer job I work every year. Met him the summer before this last one, and after I stopped working there that year we hung out a couple times and then fell outta touch.

He added me on facebook a few months ago. Maybe a week and a half ago he posts some really negative thing about hating the world, and in a moment of weakness I commented on it agreeing with him. He sends me a message with his number and tells me to call him.

I'm shy, so I texted him my number and told him to get at me if he wanted.

Last weekend he texts me asking what I'm doing that night and if I wanna hang out. I texted back that I was busy but definitely trying to hang out and that we should see what's up the next day.

We tried to hang out the next day, but it didn't work out either. I got caught up and told him so and that I would try to call him later. About an hour later he texted back and asked if I was still busy. I said yeah it wasn't looking good for the night, and he said OK. That's where it was left.

What's your next move? I want to text him and let him know I'm still interested in hanging out, but I'm thinking maybe I should just call.. Or leave it be.. I dunno..


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  • Maybe you could call yeah, say something like "Hey, we've kinda been missing each other, but I'd still like to hang out" It seems like he likes you, so I don't think you should just leave it be,


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