Im a little freaked out?

My boyfriend told me he was bisexual and I'm freaking out when ever we go out he talks to an guy and fantasise his flirting with the guy. He told me that I need to stop over reacting and the only reason I'm like this as I have never adventured out of the opposite sex.

I'm about 7 months pregnant already and if I can't get over it I'll be a single mother and sometimes he will see his father. Im trying to get over that and understand that and I don't know how so any idea will help


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  • Why are you so concerned? Being a bisexual doesn't make you any less faithful than a straight person. It's not like we're going around tryna fuck other guys if we're not dating one. All that matters is that at the end of the day you trust him, and he's with you. Why should his sexuality matter?

    • I have no idea why I'm so concerned , I never said it didn't matter at all

    • Well if you don't understand why you're concerned, then try to move on. There's nothing to worry about here

    • I'm trying to move past it for my boyfriend and the unborn child to come

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  • Honestly I could never date one because of that reason. But if you felt happy before you knew he was bi, it doesn't change him with you knowing.

    • I know but I don't understand why he waited couple years to tell me a anyways we been dating for 8 years since we were 17 and I'm now 24

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    • Or didn't truly accept it?

    • I'm trying but it's I don't know but

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  • He trusted you enough to admit he was bi and now you're thinking he's going to cheat. He won't, just because he likes both doesn't mean he isn't going to be faithful to you.

  • Holy cow. Not a good time to come out. 7 months... geez.


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