Why did he stand me up?

I've been talking to a guy that I've known for a good while. We've been dating and he is a very nice guy (not trying for anything sexual) and he and I have been getting closer with every date. Well today he was scheduled to come to my house and instead he just was texting me and saying how if we weren't going to mess around then he wouldn't come over. This was so out of his character I still don't even think it was him, but the fact is, he never called me to cancel or anything so I don't know why he just bailed on me. I know he really likes me and we haven't had any problems. It was so unexpected :( And he hasn't called me by the way it's been about 7 hours...


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  • try go back through your texting and figure out maybe he was hinting on being a no show or maybe you said something that turned him off


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