I think im starting to really like her. Is she interested? Should I ask her to prom?

II met this girl last year but we didn't actually become good friends until around Christmas time this year. Im a senior and she is a sophmore.

I have one class with her, an art type class, and we always talk and joke around with each other. Half the time were arguing about the dumbest things, like whos project is better or something, but it always happens in a nice and fun sort of way.

We like to pretend that we hate each other, and were always making fun of each other in a joking manner.
She always looks me in the eye when talking and she laughs at a lot of the dumb jokes i make. When i see het in the hallways she will either say hi or look quickly towards me once or twice.

She will randomly turn and smile at me a lot or something funny will happen and well both just glance at each other.

She has already said se would go to prom with any of us (meaning me & the other two guys at my table) but she was looking straight at me when she said it.

she's really close with one of my other friends and they flirt sometimes too but he is already going to prom with someone else and i know he isn't interested in this girl.

We tease each other a lot about random stuff when in a group of people, but we talk alone sometimes in the halls. My friends have made jokes about her liking me before and she will go red and change the subject or avoid the question.

Someone in class called a friend of hers her boyfriend the other day and she made it very clear that he is not her boyfriend and has a girlfriend already.

She was the first one to wish be a happy birthday a few months ago. Right after 12:00 she had texted me.

We snap each other everyday but we dont always have conversations outside of school. Maybe like once a week we will start talking for a while about somehing random or whatever.

Either way, even though we annoy the hell out of each other i think we both really like each other and i want to ask her to prom. is she feeling the same way? Does she like me?


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  • She likes you. Please ask her to prom, lol this is so cute :)


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