Is Dating Worth it in Highschool?

Short version:
It seems like no one has any commitment

Long version:
One of my friends has unofficially dated a few people already (we're freshmen) and nothing lasts
Another friend spent almost all year devoted to his crush that did not like him in return, and just recently switched crushes and stopped caring about the first in almost a day or two

Also I can't drive anywhere for at least a year yet.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I know a few relationships that started when both were in highschool and are longer than five year's, so I think there can commitment. But I also think that those people often lack experience that you get when failing a relationship, which would have helped them at identifying their own needs or how to avoid certain kinds of conflicts...


Most Helpful Girl

  • As long as it ain't affected your studies


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  • ALMOST always no. I have some friends that have now left high school and been dating for 4 years or so now, and that was obviously completely worth it, but honestly don't hold out hope for that.

  • Dating is important I think. If you totally disregard it, you can miss out on some cool moments that otherwise you would miss out. Plus, relationships in high school can help to mature you for relationships in college or after so that you aren't totally clueless on what is one and what isn't.

  • Go out on dates for fun but don't invest so much time in trying to be serious. I say this because 99% of high school kids aren't ready for something serious or simply have no reason to be. They're kids after all.

  • It’s good to practice social skills

  • as a way to get experience it might be worth it but not as a way to find a long term partner


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