How likely is it that a guy would say anything inappropriate while on the phone with a female friend & his girlfriend being in the room?

So my boyfriend had said something that concerned me, even though I ended up asking him about it once I heard what he said. He has a female friend who I'm pretty sure likes him, but he's told me time and again he didn't like her and they've never dated even though they've known eachother for years. I've never met her.. When we broke up for a month, they had hung out twice. Then we got back together, and she ended up calling him one day, telling him she had to cancel a work trip and potentially was very sick, waiting on results from the doctor. I guess she's on and off always had something wrong with her health wise. Anyways so they're talking about that, and I'm in the room.. My boyfriend then brings something up about her sitting on her bed, and this webcam site they went on where you chat with random people. He then tells her he's there for her and that they should grab lunch. (Note: he knew how I felt uneasy about this girl) when they hang up, I ask him what was up with that comment. He says he was talking about how she used to be sick and she was always in her bed talking to people on there, but said that they only ever hung out in her living room.

my confusion is, if that's true then how come he brought up her sitting on her bed, unless maybe he was reminding her of the website they had gone on and the way to jog her memory was telling her it had been the one she told him she used to go on as well when she was sick.. basically I just want to know though how likely it is that my boyfriend would bring up something that was inappropriate since I was in the room and before the call he knew I wasn't fond of this friend?
  • Yes it's obvious they hung out in her room but nothing happened since they were talking about her being sick when she called
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  • No nothing happened ur overlooking things
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  • I think it's possible she sat on her bed when chatting online with random people.

    • That's what my boyfriend said. Problem is, he says he's hung out with her and webcammed random people, but They were in her living room. Why mention her bed then?

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    • That's true.. So him mentioning her bed was probably innocent since he was willing to say it knowing I was within earshot? Also I asked him when he was talking to her who it was, and once he told me I asked him to tell her I said hi which he did. If something was off, would he have done that in ur opinion?

    • It doesn't seem alarming to me, but your guess is as good as mine.

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