Where to lose virginity?

Alright, I’m 18 my girl is 19, we’re in a LDR and an hour and a half away.(only LDR since starting college so 8 months)

To make it simple, my girlfriend talked about this a couple weeks back because she was in my dorm for the weekend and sex topic just came up. She told me she doesn’t want to have sex in a dorm or at our homes or cars or whatever for her first time, so I asked “where would we have sex then? Usually a dorm is the ideal place to have sex because we’re free to do whatever in college away from our families.” And she said she wanted her first time to be in a hotel, but she didn’t want it planned either. The moment just has to feel right.

Now from right there I was like wtf? We don’t even go to any hotels because her parents track her GPS. AND Then she doesn’t want it planned? How do you have sex in a hotel for the first time without it being planned especially when we don’t even go to hotels in the first place?

Yeah I’m just asking if this makes sense to you it’s or like what should I say or do?

Also, if anyone has the same mindset as her and wants a specific place to have sex for the first time... where would it be?


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  • It doesn't make much sense, no. You're right about how unlikely that scenario is. Not to mention that good hotels are very expensive, some can be hundreds of dollars per night.

    I suggest explaining all this to her. Don't be angry about it- just try to get her to realize the circumstances, and make it clear that if sex is something she wants anytime soon, then she's going to have to compromise.

    Even if it doesn't work out, I think you should still maintain your relationship; it can survive without sex, until you both have the resources to overcome this hurdle.


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