Did I made a wrong thing?

I am 14 years old south Indian girl
I have been in relationships but never touched them
But I met a guy 5 months ago, actually we known to each other a while before in my native place
He is from kerala , we have fallen for each other so quickly and we started dating
After a while I got to know that he a bad guy and play boy
But it was too late i have fallen for him soo hard
We have been in relationship for about 4 months or kinda 5 ,
We were in long distance relationship
In-between we got break up a quit few times
Last month he totally boeken up with me , but then after we were half lovers ( more than friend less than lovers)
We came to our native place
But didn't able to meet each other
Today morning he came
He kiss me on steps of my friends house
It was unexpected and I wasn't able to get what was happening
I am disappointed by this kiss , it was my first kiss and I wasn't satisfied
After reading my story
What do u think guys am i doing it right?
I know but i am not able to leave him
I feel like to be with him as long as he is
What should I have to do now
And I am really disappointed about my kiss
Tell me what do I have to do


Most Helpful Guy

  • Nope you are not
    And you have failed

    U r a disgrace to urself if have real dignity inside you... but u do not

    So bear with ur shit now...


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  • It takes courage and suffering to leave someone. But from what you've said, it sounds like he is a bad person and you don't want to spend all your life with a bad person.
    It's more reasonable to break up, I think.

  • No, he'll leave you Prego and alone. Just override your harmons and move on.

    • Update:

      No you just feel like you can't. Don't let your feeling dominate you. You'll end up with nothing in the gutter.

  • Doing what right­čść

    • she does not know and can figure out what is right or wrong

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    • With what though move on from what exactly

    • No u cannot...
      Cuz you are immature

  • Hai darling. iam kerala. very intrested


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