Extreme Trouble Moving On?

I have extreme trouble moving on from a crush.

She broke my heart three years ago...

And I was on a emotional roller coaster,

It was the first time I have fell in love with someone...

I never got closure and I'm not even sure what happened... I asked for closure, I told her how I felt... But she wouldn't give me it... I'm not sure if she wanted attention or if she was just innocent/friendly...

I feel really guilty, I should have done things different, said different things... And I cost myself the love of my life...

And I can't get over her

I've tried dating others, hobbies and even therapy but nothing has helped me...


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  • Keep in mind she's the one to blame, ending a relationship without a real closure is very disrespectful.
    It's kindy cruel, in my opinion.
    Keep that in mind as a proof that she was in no way good for you.

    • I blame myself... Maybe I should have asked better, or said it in a different way or maybe forced/confronted her till I got an answer?

      I just feel like such a failure... How did I fail so much?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Try prayer and volunteer work and see if that helps


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  • You will move on and stop thinking, learn to accept

  • Its just time.. its a phase.. u will get over it eventually

    • Maybe when I die I guess

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