Guys, After how many dates do women usually text you?

Just taking a pole. My friends and I were discussing how texting and online dating has changed the way we date. Our parents and old wisdom says for the girl to wait for the guy to call and the guy does all the work until they’re in an official relationship. The girl plays hard to get and not interested so as not to scare the guy away and to make her appear she has a lot of options. Meanwhile I noticed the younger generation 15-28 year olds seem to think and sometimes expect the girl to make moves or at least text the guy first just to say hi

Out of curiosity after how many dates do you EXPECT not want but expect to be hearing from the girl too. Provide examples of when it worked out or if you were turned off etc. Thanks :)
  • After date 2
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  • Between 4-6 dates
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  • After a month
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  • After you guys are official
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  • Actually after the first date is when I expect and normally get a text. Also if the girl does not text back within 2 days after the date the girl is not interested. An example would be... Movie on Saturday then Sunday or Monday receiving a text like this "I really liked that movie, how about we grab lunch Tuesday?"

    • Ok what if you’ve had 3 dates all that were initiated by you. The girl has slept over 3 times and has had sex so you obviously know she’s interested in you. You tell her to text you later to let you know how her job interview went. She doesn’t so you text her that same day at later that night at 9pm. She answers enthusiastically and goes back and forth but then she was the last to text and you left her hanging. It’s been like 2 days would you want her to initiate the next date or would you be too scared she’s getting attached too quickly?

    • Well 3 dates all initiated by me 3 sleepovers and sex, and we texted back and forth a night about 9 pm back and forth and I left her hanging, (not on purpose I hope) I would not expect her to initiate but I would like her to initiate and after a couple days I would go ahead and initiate being I know she is interested and we have a relationship brewing. Minimally I would send a text asking her how things are going and if she got the new job.

  • Actuallly from my experience its always dependant on chemistry or how well we connect. Some times talk for hours on the phone before the first date.

    • I’m not good at texting first... if we had a good connection I just expect the guy to continue to text. I always hear about guys loving the chase and not being too available

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    • I bit of space for a day is healthy. But i think asking her out again wouod be nice. Take her out to the lake or soemthing fun outside camping or something.

    • Sometimes it happens faster, if you pace your selves it works out fine. After that first bit of contact people need a bit of time to examine what happened and if they truly like that person.

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