If a guy that doesn't speak to girls talks to me a lot, does this mean he's interested?

Previously, we only talked every random time on social media commenting on eachothers photos and stories, not much else and conversations wouldn't arise from that. We also have mutual friends. We finally met up randomly for lunch and it sorta felt like a date because he was nervous and offered to pay (but i said we could split). Since that lunch we talk pretty much every day, and we hung out after that as well. From what people are telling me, he's friends with girls but not close at all and if he is the type to hang out with his male friends and not females. The girls also pay him more attention while he seems indifferent towards them. With me, however, he is shy but sweet in person, and over text likes to playfully argue and mock me and sometimes he tells me about significant things in his day. Sorry for any errors, English is not my first language.


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  • Daaaaah yes !!


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  • Yes, it seems he's interested.


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