Reveal a crush to the crush? What do you consider bevor doing so and what would be the coasts you would risk?


I have a crush on someone.
But she is part of the group of people I trust the most.
I do not need. to explain how the nature of this group is, just that they are closer than family.

If I would reveal my feelings, I actually do not know what could happen.

I dont know the feelings of her.

Some things that might should be mentioned.

She isn't in a relationship.

She is in my eyes beautiful, but is more like an unpolished diamond.

I do not actually play quite in her league, at least is this my interpretation.

She starts smiling seeing me and even in a larger group, we tend to stay together.

She dose not start conversation via smartphone with me... I have to start.

My question is as stated in the title and what would you do in my situation?


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  • I hate crushes I used to have a crush in 9th grade I got over that sucker I just moved on and you should to cause now I’m so happy and I found someone else :) Really like make a move and do something about it if you really want something to happen better than I know for sure than a what if don’t be like me or you can but yea


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