"First Date" Sleepover ANY TIPS? kind of long.

I'm Nervous/Anxious! My "friend" is coming home from deployment (navy) in two months, and I'll be waiting for him on the pier as his ship pulls in. From there on we'll hang out and then POSSIBLY get a hotel room so we can relax and watch our favorite shows and some movies, until he goes home on leave for 2 weeks the next morning.

He asked me to meet him on the pier and then we'd hang out and "eat and stuff..kind of like a date" and then we'd watch our fav. movies and shows together. He said "it'd be nice to unwind with someone I like"

I told him I will not be having sex (we never had sex, but I was making it clear.) He is a Cancer like me and very sweet. It seems like he wants to spend the whole day and night with me.

We'll see each other when he comes back after his 2 week leave. He told me he didn't want the room to have sex(we have no where else to go to hang out), but then he said might give me a kiss. He'll be leaving in the morning and he was mainly concerned if I'll get home alright and how I'd get home (taxi, he doesn't have a car yet until he comes back)

Any tips? Suggestions? I'm Nervous! I've known him for a few months and we get along great. He's my age (20)

The hotel is not solid, if I feel like he's hinting for sex during the hangout, I won't go to the hotel. But during his deployment we kept in contact and we've been talking about watching our favorite shows together
The comment "kind of like a date" and "unwind with someone I like" made me smile, but I'm not sure how to know if I'm reading too much into it? Help!


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  • He's gonna want some sex

    • What would be some signs I should look out for, while we're hanging out? because I miss a lot of signs in person lol

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