Can someone help me here Please?

We have been on 2 dates and it’s been great, she even told me in person and via text after. It’s been a week a bit since. She has cancelled on me twice since. The first was we were supposed to go out with my friend and his girlfriend to an arcade she agreed on. She texted me that day in the afternoon saying I’m so sorry but her friend got into bad fight with her boyfriend and she was asking her to come over and she asked me if we can reschedule.. which we did for yesterday and she agreed on it and I ask her later in the day what time works for you so I can pick you up? 2 hours go by then she says I’m so sorry but her boss asked her unexpectedly to do a project that needed to be due the next day.. she does long hours as a dental assistant all day and works late.. I understand that. Anyway she said sorry again and said let’s do something forsure sometime next week and said sorry again “I feel so bad” the. She added a . She’s been talking forever to text at times which ruins the conversations... I’m just confused because I don’t think she would be playing if she wasn’t interested she would say it assume? This is my friends girlfriends friend and I wouldn’t expect that.. just some vibes I feel off and not sure what to do..

Our last date at the end she hugged me and she kissed me first on the cheek and then we kissed. So I’m really confused with this behaviour.. I had 2 past bad relationships so I’m paranoid She also takes forever to answer my text messages 4-8 hours.. gets me very annoyed no way of carrying a conversation...


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