My girlfriend is having guys over this weekend and she said its gonna be wild. Should I worry?

she's having guys over and I asked her if she wants me to come over and hang with her and she said she wants an alone time with her "friends" she said girls r going to be there. I broke up with her ass after I heard that and blocked and she been texting me so what should I do?


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  • Why should you worry about it if you've already broken up with her? Screw her, and let whoever she wants screw her too. Who cares- it's not your problem any more. She's not your problem any more. She's made her bed; let her lie in it with however many users and players she feels like inviting.


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  • Sounds like she's tryna hoe around tbh. You did the right thing.

  • Define 'wild' the way she uses the word

    • She said this exactly "I'm having guys over this weekend and it's going to be wild" so I think it's obvious she's trying to fuck around

    • Maybe it's about music styles or drinks OR about sex: you know her past and libido, we don'tknow it.

    • True true. Thank you

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