What is it like to have a crush at work?

It must be stressful right?


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  • oh yeah, I've had it twice, and it's just not a good idea. especially if others notice and start to tease and gossip. annoying af, but hey, if the crush likes you back it could turn into something positive. still be careful. you go to that place everyday and spend 8hours, try not to make things uncomfortable

    • I just feel that it might work but other times i feel like i lost her because women do move on quickly on guys

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    • I never harassed her or did shit to her but it’s whatever

    • stop obsessing over this. just forget it. she did that basically for no reason, so don't overthink, don't blame yourself. you know you did nothing to her and she's just acting childish. move on, plenty of fish in the sea. don't waste one more second thinking of her.

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