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My boyfriend works third shift, and is a farmer. This is the busy season for farmers, we live an hour away from each other. We take turns driving to each of our towns. But the thing is, the weather has been a bitch one week, then the next weekend I was out of town. Then the following weekend he changed the day, then canceled on me. I was a little upset, cause it's going on this weekend which will be 4 weeks w/o seeing each other. He told me he said "I wish we lived closer". He treats me really good while out with him. I met his family, and they like me. But we only see each other ONCE a week. It's upsetting me that I can't even see him once.. I would be happy if I even saw him for 30 seconds.. But he's been busy.. should I wait it out? Or move on? I just wanna spend every minute with him, and I miss him so much it hurts me. I wanna cuddle with him and ugh it's just hurting me BLAHH. Any good advice?


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  • From the sound of it this is something you just have to get through and while it is difficult at this time the reward is going to be worth it.


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