Girls, ever felt you can't afford being in a relationship bcoz he is rich (Guys, need help too)?

We know relationship is about give and take.
When we love and care someone, we do wanna give and treat something nice.

But the man ure in a relationship with is a rich guy, you know he might not think expensive gifts from you matter. He might not think about it at all. But you do. And u want to. But u can't afford to buy expensive things. U just feel... Inconfident and embarrassed. This relationship is inbalanced, when comes to financial status. you're stressed.

Been there?
Guys need ur suggestions. Really!


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  • Yes. My boyfriend now is a well-off guy. I am not poor but my family is definitely not up to his family level. I did mention to him about this. He got all mad saying that's not even an issue for him and told me do not ever bring it up again. I felt like he deserves someone better.

    • Thanks for sharing.. 😊

  • I would have never expected sich thoughts from a women, you Seem to be a good Girl with a good Heart so Just lay Back and enjoy as long as it lasts

    • Enjoy... ?

      But what should i do...
      What kind of gifts i should give.
      I mean, i think his level like usd 5000 watch.
      But i can only afford max usd 300 watch.

      What do you think a girl should do if you are the guy?

    • Yes, enjoy because you really dont need to make expensive presents cause that's our (Men) Part. Just be as Loving as you can, or give him some extras in bed. So yeah, you definitly shouldn't feel Bad.

    • Hmm ok.. Thank u for ur kind reply.. ☺️

  • What if it was opposite? Relationship with a Rich girl

    • Whats ur opinion about above situation, for u as the guy? I do need ur suggestion and point of view as a guy.

      While the opposite case, I've been there too. And i am ok with that. But my ex was inconfident.

      and now i am in that position. So, please help.

    • If he loves you as much then an expensive or cheap gift will not matter as it shows you tried and he knows and loves you enough to understand your financial situation.
      You can try clothes as gifts. A belt, t- Shirts, vest, some action figures

    • Ow, belt. Ya.. A very good idea. πŸ˜€
      Thank you.

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