Good places to encounter and approach women?

Where is some good place to try to meet a decent woman? A Woman, NOT a party hungry girl stuck in adolescence.
And what is a good way to approach? What to I lead with?

Fyi, I respect and admire women, I am just intimidated by a beauty lol


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  • I don't know I'd say the typical stuff: bars or clubs and such. Just places where people like to gather socially in general.

    • Not much of a club guy and bars are cool at times but it seems clishay lol

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    • Yes Snapchat. I guess I'll try tinder but it's so impersonal. You have to like pop out of the damn screen to stand out from all the messages women get. My sis in law said she would get like 500 a day

    • Oh I didn't even know people use that as a dating app.
      Yeah kinda. I guess Tinder is basically a numbers game. There's not much more to.

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