Should I tell my marine who I’m getting to know/always flirting with that I’m in love with him, even though I don’t want to rush those strong words?

A guy who I started to get to know last year, late last August, is in the marines. We got connected through tinder and we hit things off immediately that we had both a sexual and emotional connection, and lots of chemistry and things in common/common interests. For two weeks we talked nonstop and we were getting along super well. But then I matched with someone else on Tinder who not only went to my community college, but lived locally; 7 minutes away. He seemed close to the other guy’s personality, and I wasn’t emotionally prepared to tough it out in another military relationship, so I made the mistake of trying to replace the one I really wanted with someone who was convenient, and for 7 months, no matter how much we tried, I subconsciously kept comparing him to the original guy.
A week before we broke up, I got back in touch with the OG, I’ll call him, and he told me that his girlfriend of 5 months broke up with him that very day I texted him. So for the next month, we got to know each other all over again, flirted, and I helped him deal with his immature ex girlfriend who was trying to play “take backs” with their breakup. She was being psycho and demanding. Anyways, we’re both trying to work through our feelings for each other WHILE being single to emotionally cleanse ourselves and get happy individually. We have 2 additional problems: 1) we haven’t physically met, yet, and with him in the field for 20 some odd days, our plans to finally meet at the end of this month might be put off yet again. 2) In October, he is being deployed for 6 months. I think if I don’t tell him that I’m 100% positively in love with him during our first meeting, because even then might be too soon, depending on when we get to meet, I should at the very least tell him how I feel before he leaves the states for half a year and I could either tell him through a letter or wait that much longer.
But I guess the question is … what would be the best way to express it to him?


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  • I was in the Army, there is nothing better than knowing a woman is waiting for me when i get home.

    It was one of the greatest feeling I had. But of course the relationship didn't work because she wasn't loyal. But that doesn't change how i felt about someone i loved and was waiting to see for months.

    I hope this helps, but... biggest thing to do. Is meet in person first and determine chemistry.

    Trust me being apart and together often create completely two different chemistry reactions.

    I fell in love with someone online and had excellent chemistry and sexual connection. But when we met. Nothing...

    I hope that does not discourage you. But i hope you wait to meet. Because i dont want you to get hurt.

    • That really helped me a tons, thank you 😀! And meeting him, finally, to determine if we have that in-person chemistry is important to me. I’ve had this disappointment with several started-online relationships, and I pray to God that it doesn’t happen this time, because he actually understands me, loves my sense of humor, and has so many similar interests and things in comparison with me, that it’d be a real shame if we don’t click upon meeting 😕. I told him that I want to meet at the Barnes & Noble in his hometown, which is not far from mine. That way we can show each other what we like to read rather than just have a short-winded online conversation 😇. Also, I can get diabeetus grade caffeine and lunch, so it’s a triple win.

    • I hope you end up happy. :)

    • Thank you 😇

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  • It might distract him if you tell him now because he might feel the same way about you which could distract him in the field so rather wait and plan the right words you want to tell him in when you meet him personally

    • Thanks, and that was the point of my question 😅. For someone to help me in what I say and when. My timeline is between when we finally meet in person and when he gets deployed in October

    • Oh that's a little hard to decide on that you havto speak to someone privately about

  • Blurt it out during orgasm

    • Hahahha I thought about that, but it might come off as me saying it in the heat of the moment and not really meaning it.

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    • Yes! Exactly

    • 😁 perfect

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