Why do women respond with hatred on dating sites?

Not all but surprisingly a lot. I usually try to mention common ground from their profile, or just give a friendly hello if there isn't enough info in profile.

But geez some women straight up respond with "you're ugly" or "fuck off'. This seems... Unnecessary? Having said this I'm done with dating sites lmao. Anyone know why this might be?

And it's either usually a response of hatred, complete obvious boredom without contributing to conversation, or no response at all.

I've gotten 2 dates from these sites, and some friendly responses, but a lot of women seem so very angry online. Not sure what the deal is.


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  • There must be something wrong with your approach. They're almost never like that with me.

    • I try to be respectful no matter what. Of course not all of them are like that, but there's a decent amount who have aught me off guard

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